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 Mini DotA 2

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PostSubject: Mini DotA 2   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:53 pm

Mini DotA 2 made on Game Maker 7/8

Mojo wrote:

What's new on Mini DotA 2?

* Rework all the gameplay so that it is more and more similar to Warcraft3 engine
* Rework how to use spells
* Autocast spells now can be use both manually and automatically
* Rework how to deal with items
* Build AI with whom you can play
* Change most of the game interface
* Improve "Tutorial Mode"
* Add all random mode
* Add mini map
* Add day/night time
* Add kill/die information of all heroes
* You now can deny your own creep
* Change tree model
* Change some heroes model
* Many more ...

New Version: 1.01

* Add Enchantress
* Add Axe
* Add Vanguard
* Add Headdress of Rejuvenation
* Add Nethrezim Buckler
* Add Mekansm
* Move your first view to the middle of the map in order to purchase hero more easily
* You can change your Cursor's speed by pressing and
* Perseverance can be left-clicked to disassemble
* You go back to Menu Board when the game finishes
* There are 3 towers defending your base instead of 2
* You can now press to toggle Fullscreen Mode

Heroes Added:
-Naga Siren

Donload Link:
Link 1 (

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Mini DotA 2
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