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 Ranking Guidelines.

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PostSubject: Ranking Guidelines.   Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:58 am

Throughout this forum, there are different ranks that enable certain users different privileges.

Normal Users (3 ranks):
These are the users who have not yet accomplished any of the requirements to attain a special rank.

The ranks available for normal users are:
DotA? (minimum 0 posts)

n00b (minimum 25 posts)

Feeder (minimum 100 posts)

Rooftrellen4eva users are any users that have attained the following requirements:
- 1,000 posts
- 5,000 experience
If you have acquired all these, then you will be given an orange username. Remember that you have to PM a forum Pwner to get this rank.

Senior Rank

Pwners are only chosen by the administrator. Pwners, no matter what status, may attain powers straight away. Pwners will get the same privileges as a Rooftrellen4eva, but they will be able to warn, ban, sticky and make announcement threads. Pwners are found with their green usernames.

Moderator Rank

Global Moderators:
These are the small amount of people who can moderate almost all sections.

None left. Taken by Oakz. Has all power over forum so don't mess with him!.

Group Ranks:
These are ranks available to specific groups throughout this forum. Leaders of any group will get powers only over their specified section.

Leader Rank

Leader Rank
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Ranking Guidelines.
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