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 Rules and guidelines [Plz Read]

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PostSubject: Rules and guidelines [Plz Read]   Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:47 am

Be sure to read everything on this post, as it will help to keep your account and privileges available on this forum. If you're not sure about something, please, contact a forum moderator.

Also remember that each section may have their own specific rules, so watch out for those.

1. No double-posting:
Double-posting (posting twice in a row) is only allowed when you want to update the thread (Eg. to add in more information or post more of your artwork). To notify other users easier about your update, try to add the word *Update* to the first part of your post.

2. Do not post in caps:
Caps, or capital letters, are found to be annoying by most users. Usually, posting in caps shows that you are screaming/shouting. If you want to caps something, maybe you should only do it when you're highlighting something of importance, not when you're normally chatting with someone or even flaming them.

3. Only talk in English:
For not all users maybe talking that language you are using. By different languages, this doesn't just mean languages from other countries, but also txt (Text) language. Try not to use shortcut words for everything. Words such as lol, rofl, lmao, brb and more of the common kind is allowed, but we do NOT want entire posts that'll need translating.

4. No flaming/trolling allowed:
Insults will not be tolerated on this forum, and whomever starts a flamewar (maybe even whomever's involved in one) will get a warn. Try to resist having to flame other users by discussing matters properly, and if you can't handle it, just leave it be.
(Unless stated)

5. No thread revivals:
There's no need to revive threads that were created ages ago. (This only applies to normal threads, not stickies, announcements or 'attention' notices)

6. No invalid reports:
Don't even try reporting other users for the wrong reasons. Use your common sense.

7. No ripping:
Posting other people's hard work here and claiming it as yours is definitely not allowed, as it is unfair to its original creator/s.

8. No pornography:
18+ sexual content isn't allowed here by all means.

9. Multiple-accounts = no:
It's immature having another account when your original's already banned, or giving reputation to yourself. Can result in a Permanent Ban. See Warns and Ban

10. Be nice to other users:
Not breaking the rules but having such a bad attitude really gets on my nerves, and possibly on a lot of other people as well.

11. No spamming/going off-topic:
Any one word/smilie, and off-topic posts are not allowed.

12. Illegal activities are banned from here
Do not post any links to free software, games, pornography sites, grotesque and gore and any more of the kind as it will not be tolerated and will earn you an instant ban unless due to topic.

13. Post pictures of the correct size:
We don't want images to stretch the entire page or take forever to load, so please, post pictures of the appropriate dimensions.

14. No rep-whorring:
Don't ask for people to +rep you at all.
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Rules and guidelines [Plz Read]
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